Can't keep a houseplant alive, no matter how hard you try and how good your intentions are? Help your plant live with survival tips and learn the simple ways not to kill your plants.With over 50 different types of popular houseplants, How Not to Kill Your Houseplant summarizes what type of care your plants do (or don't) need. Susan Bewley is a professional writer who has been writing content online & in print format for over 10 years. Harli G 16,615 views. Jon VanZile. As someone who has managed to kill every plant that I’ve ever brought into my home, I need all the help I can get. I need this book as I’m known to kill house plants, not intentionally. Do you love house plants but have problems keeping them alive? Filed Under: Books, Garden & Plant Books, Non-Fiction. If so, we think you will love How Not to Kill Your Houseplant by Veronica Peerless. How Not to Kill Your Houseplant: Survival Tips for the Horticulturally Challenged eBook: Peerless, Veronica: Kindle Store I will use this information to group my plants better in different spaces of my house and to bring new plants into my office. Had to laugh when I saw the title. Your email address will not be published. Even the prettiest plants I have often seem to die due to me having absolutely no clue how to care for them, or researching sometimes a bit too late what to do since I often assumed all they needed was a sunny window and some water. I really like the organization of the "How Not to Kill Your Houseplant: Survival Tips for the Horticulturally Challenged" by Veronica Peerless. Want to increase your social media exposure? Best of all, it even includes pictures, allowing you to look at your plant and tell quickly if it is healthy or may need some extra TLC. The whole book is like that). I do Not approve of the new house guest. Amazon link Price £9.99 in shops, priced cheaper online. Always remember, there is light after every storm. Give plants a chance. Also provides suggestions for types of plants for different parts of your home/office; a good resource for ideas if you don't know which plants you may want to get. Looks like a good book for me. Why is my snake plant wilting even though I water it often? If your plan is to change your new houseplants pot for aesthetic reasons, make sure you have had the plant for at least a month. I tell people I have a “black” thumb because I kill plants. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Author Veronica Peerless has a friendly, upbeat, non-threatening manner which is like a 150 page pep talk (with pictures). Living A Happy, Natural Life with Dogs & Other Furry Friends, //