If you have Mars in Scorpio, you are extremely strong-willed and you pursue your goals and desires with passionate dedication and determination. No. Not too sure if any of it will come true. I look forward to your videos each day and can relate to most of what is said. Thank you again for your insights and please keep them coming. Each morning when I get up the first email I read is yours. You like the adventure that leads up to lovemaking, but if the affair loses it's intellectual excitement or becomes dull, you're ready to bail. Many blessings to you. You often feel that if you want something done right, then you must do it yourself, for others never do as thorough a job as you do. My only comment is you need to concentrate not be distracted so much. You are a professional so are prepared. It’s not as hard as you think – listen more, do those little things more, and just be quietly confident in the work that you are doing to make this work. Prepare the safest way for yourself and pursue what you really want—which is easiest when Mars is in Virgo. Your Earthy nature will take on a small aspect of Fire from Mars, making you stronger. Mère Teresa Display her detailed horoscope and birth chart . Mars is full steam ahead. ★★★★★ I am fortunate to be in a group who can listen to Kelli at least once a week telling us about our own charts and how to read them. You’ll feel driven to improve your health during this transit. For the same reason, Mars is also considered planet of action, as it gives urge to explore. Yep, when Mars transits Virgo, the zodiac’s perfectionist. Mars is the warrior planet, and Virgo is the Mutable Earth Sign of organization, productivity, and detail oriented tasks. One thing both Virgo and Mars have in common is they are goal oriented. When Mars transits Virgo, the little things count. In fact, what turns you on is likely to confuse the average person. The Mars in Virgo woman wants to save the world. In stark contrast to the impulsive Mars in Aries cycle, we tend to pursue our goals by plodding along patiently. When Mars is in Taurus, we are determined, stubborn, and resolute. Use a blend of Cancer caution and Virgo common sense to moderate what you say. Hi Kelli, I sure appreciate your daily horoscopes. Thank you. That’s how Mars in Virgo can help your relationships. What do you all think about that? © Copyright 2020 | Astrology Answers - All Rights Reserved. Mars in Virgo. Kelli you are amazing and I love love love ❤️ your new website, videos and ways of showing us our Astrology in new and beautiful ways. I Love receiving your mail & posts! I really love this, looking forward to not missing my daily reading, thank you. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially like me if you love astrology more as a hobby and just want to suck in as much information as you can. This is a good time to seek perfection in your home environment, however, so get cleaning, decorating, renovating and revamping your surroundings. It's like magic, you actually don't know where you are going, very confused as what is going to happen but I know something beautiful is going to happen! Love all this. This helps you take initiative, and what you start now can be a focus for the next two years. Love your work. Nobody’s family life is perfect, but you’ll certainly want yours to be while Mars transits Virgo. Because Mars rules Aries, this is a powerful placement. It's almost scary how accurate the readings are. Add to favourites (320 fans) Affinity with your profiles. Mars is usually very aggressive, warrior like, and won’t let anything get in its way. You’ll get more people on board through persuasion than through your rather pointed and often hurtful style of criticism. If anyone in the partnership needs to change, let it be you. Ruler Aries Exaltation Capricorn Detriment Libra Fall Cancer Mars is the planet of energy. Kelli, you are kind and caring. Kelli is amazing! Thank you for helping. Mars in Aquarius - Venus in Virgo With Mars in Aquarius you have unusual ideas and attitudes when it comes to sex and your energy will be rather eccentric as you pursue your desires. You can see why Mars in Virgo is a wonderful time to pursue some goals. As a parent, you may become more demanding now, especially if you children are of school age. Thank you.). Sports and hiking will appeal, especially if you’re lucky enough to be able to hike through wild nature. With Mars is in Virgo, you've got the motives of a purist, and you strive for perfection. At the same time, the 7th and 12th disposition signifies traveling and foreign lands respectively. Mars in Taurus people pursue their objectives slowly and deliberately and are careful not to be side-tracked by anything that won’t produce practical, useful results. The same goes for your career. I already can't wait to go back through the course again and finding out how much more I can learn. You may also be re-assessing your relationship with money altogether, perhaps eschewing materialism in favor or spending your free time volunteering for a charity. It’s that time of year where the lazy, hazy days of Summer come to an end, and a season of harvest and productivity is upon us. You really go above and beyond! I've come to trust her instincts as I do my own. Now I am wondering if its time to go to a place closer to the town since it is a two lane road to get to town. You can easily take on a leadership position within a group at this time but try to avoid leading through fear. Very helpful, very positive! I would like to get inspiration from her. I've enjoyed this very much, thank you. That’s almost two full months of this energy, lots of time for you to get some serious productivity in. That’s the Mars component of this transit. I have known about the spirit world from being a small child and am in fact a registered healer working in my local church helping and teaching as many people as I can. This confidence may go with you into the bedroom, too. Mars in Virgo: methodically pursues object of affection using a logical, organized approach; demonstrates ability to efficiently execute plans and complete tasks correctly to impress; spends a lot of time translating ideas into reality by making sure every seduction detail is just right; initiates technically proficient, nervous-tension-relieving sex If Mars is in 10 th house in Scorpio for Aquarius ascendant, it can make you very powerful and you will pursue an occupation independently. Men have a biological drive to pursue passion, and to successfully conquer the man you want, you too must be on the hunt. It’s harvest time! Thank you so much Kelli Fox for being there for me. Mars in Virgo – General Info Mars in Virgo gives an incredible sense fort details and perfection, accompanied by energy needed to get the closest to perfection it is possible. As far as the readings, reports, horoscopes, etc. Mars in Virgo is a transit that begins September 5th, and goes right through to October 22nd of this year. var rnd = window.rnd || Math.floor(Math.random()*10e6);var pid371242 = window.pid371242 || rnd;var plc371242 = window.plc371242 || 0;var abkw = window.abkw || '';var absrc = 'https://servedbyadbutler.com/adserve/;ID=176695;size=0x0;setID=371242;type=js;sw='+screen.width+';sh='+screen.height+';spr='+window.devicePixelRatio+';kw='+abkw+';pid='+pid371242+';place='+(plc371242++)+';rnd='+rnd+';click=CLICK_MACRO_PLACEHOLDER';document.write(''); If you have been having a tough time getting out of a rut, because summer was fun or lazy, or because of Mercury retrograde, there is no better energy to get out of it than Mars in Virgo. Kelli -- I love your horoscopes .....I receive quite a few different horoscopes each morning , but yours are my favorites .........just love you. Thank you for brining it into another dimension for our Aquarian world. Your confidence in your own skin grows during this transit, but so does your hyper-critical inner voice. Our goal is longevity and long-term satisfaction. Abandoning a career due to minor quibbles would be counter-productive. You plan your works properly down to the last detail and execute it with much precision. If you’re single, this is an interesting transit for dating, with Mars stirring up passion in Taurus. You may feel more energized when you’re getting attention and praise, and you may feel more driven to pursue the desires of your ego. And that means you have almost two months to use this energy to achieve your most productive goals. Advertisements. For Libra, the Mars in Virgo transit can be tricky. You give me strength to go on with this beautiful existence called life. You are the Mars … If you know that it’s available to you, make the most of it. You want to have some fun, and quite right too – let work look after itself for a while. The female who has Mars in Aries will expect her man to have enough self-assurance to actively pursue her, even when she plays hard to get (which is quite typical of the Mars in Aries female). The Succulent Slave of Love. Virgo men are protectors and providers by nature. Just click on the names of your choice to see the horoscopes of celebrities who have Venus in Leo and Mars in Virgo. It’s the little things that matter here. That’s a good thing! But because Mars seems to be a little more influential in Virgo, this guy will definitely be more decisive and outspoken. Really helpful for me. An obsessive emphasis on performance is demanding, even for the most capable zodiac signs, and the self-critical nature of this astrological transit can easily lead to depression or anxiety.